The Vermouth is actually a type of aromatic wine, which has not only the virtue of arriving to this day, but has precisely been the end of the last century and so far this century, when it had its full perfection and the maximum diffusion of consumption.

It was in Piedmont, where the use of aromatic wines had more fortune. Its splendid wines and the high quality of the alpine lands were precise elements that lent to them.

It was pundonor between peasants and landowners Piedmontese, have a good aromatic wine from their own harvest and production. With the march of time, formulas were improved with the addition of new flavors and new bitter, coming to have a common denominator: good wine, bitter tastes sweet, well aligned with the addition of new flavors is what we know vermouth.

Little or no basis exists to explain the true origin or etymology of the word Vermouth, the Spanish Academy has adapted to Castilian by «vermouth». Among the vermouths, they stand out in particular: The Noilly Prat, of French origin and Gancia, of Italian origin.