The word LIQUOR, is used to designate drinks bodied and relatively high alcohol content, which have been flavored and sweetened. Sometimes this word is used to determine a whiskey or brandy very high quality.
Liqueurs originated during the Middle Ages in various monasteries and were the result of enormous efforts by alchemists trying to find an elixir for eternal youth. There is also the belief that were originated in China centuries it has. The people of this country, long before the Christian era, and a drink made from rice.
Most of the liquor are produced grain alcohol and sugar syrups, which extracts the essential oils obtained from distillation of aromatic plants are added. The methods of making endless famous liquors are kept secret, however, there are four known methods of production: by distillation, by infusion, maceration and by adding essential brandy or grain alcohol oils.
The distillation method is well known. Infusion is the process by which several roots, herbs and aromatic seeds are compressed and mixed with grain alcohol by cutting out its aroma: This process is expedited by the application of heat. The method called «maceration» is the same as above, except not used heat. The last process is explained by itself.
Cordials and liqueurs are substantially equal. The term is usually applied to Cordial drinks made from fruit. Both are characterized by full-bodied and sweet taste, remarkably varying alcohol content.
Although food and the difference in cooking methods differ from country to country, it is universal practice, after enjoying a good meal, taste the delicate flavor of a French liqueur. Among the most famous are the following: Liqueur Izarra from Bayonne: Liqueur Raspail, Seine, Marie Brizard, Bordeaux