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Top innovations on beverages

Now, on this platform of knowledge society «GLUP», where tradition plays a fundamental role in the various happenings of the multicultural environment of drinks, can not miss a section, under the name «INNOVATION DRINKS» wants to show current trends, from different areas make new discoveries related to the world of beverages worldwide.

So we can know what the new production of beverages: wines, brandies, beers …. through research, meet the nutritional properties of some mixtures of non-alcoholic beverages, new geographic scenarios that are emerging in the development of «micro-breweries» are just some examples of this section.

Thus this section behaves as a laboratory of social interaction, through the experimentation of knowledge, will bring about a new stage for the development of innovation in the beverage industry, whose axes of their performance trends, concerns, challenges and current behaviors, including very important as health.

Innovation in the beverage industry

The importance of new discoveries of packaging of drinks in the «circular economy», the «energy efficiency» in manufacturing processes, «reducing CO2 emissions» as well as the development of a «collaborative economy» among others will contribute eficazmemte in favor of sustainable development and the fight for climate change.

4 Areas That Push drink Innovation

Health-consciousness it’s the industry trend that’s been pervasive and growing over the last 10 years, that trend is obvious in all aisle in the grocery store……

Higuest innovations in drinks packaging

Drinks packagers are improving sustainability, shelf-life, and more using technological advances and smart design…..

4 beer industry trends this year

That year the beer industry is changing, Americans are more invested in creative and innovative beers than ever before…..

Higuest trends in alcoholic drinks; Beers, wines, ciders and spirits

Consumers are driving new trends in the next years such as multi-sensory experiences or matched products, which will impact the consumption of beers, wines, ciders and spirits….

Nanotechnology to Thai Innovation

A thai-based drink company is developing a set of dietetic fruit drinks that contain nanoparticles….

Innovations in bottled water market flows at 7%s

Innovations in flavored water with reduced or no sugar and functional water with natural ingredients register a 7% in the global bottled market .

Some innovative drinks concepts to be analized in this section

  • Health-consciousness

  • Innovations drinks

  • Beverage industries

  • Market trends

  • Nano-drinks

  • Energy drinks

  • Challenges

  • Innovation in drinks packaging

  • Industry trends

  • Formulation drinks

  • Functional benefits

  • Experience

  • Taste

  • Aseptic cartoon bottles

  • Micro-beweries

  • Current behaviors

  • Waste reduction

  • New geographic oportunities

  • Collaborative economy

  • Sustainability

  • New methods beverage production

  • Communications technology

  • CO2 emission reduction

  • Water management

  • Nutritional properties

  • Multicultural enviromental of drinks

  • Renewable energy development

Multicultural Environment drinks.

The GLUP portal aims to become a benchmark in the field of Multicultural Environment drinks with an important use of information and communications technology

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