Brandy obtained is defined as a «distillation» the fermented juice, mass, fruit wine, or residues thereof. Unless otherwise specified, however, brandy is made from grapes distillation. Brandies obtained from other fruits, are called, apple brandy, peach brandy, etc. (The apple bandy is also called «Apple-jack). Brandy can also be derived from raisins (dried grapes) in which case it is designated as raisin brandy.

Brandy is one of the oldest that is known drinks. For a long time it was used for medicinal purposes and in the Middle Ages was considered a panacea for almost every human ailment.
It is believed that the first brandy distilled in Arabia, having been introduced in France more than 600 years ago.The word brandy is mistakenly believed to be derived from the German word «Brandwein» meaning burnt wine, however, the word brandy (an abbreviation of the word «Brandywine») is as old as the German.Spain is for many years the most famous brandy producer country in the whole world, considering the producer Agustin Blazquez more prestigious, especially Brandy Felipe II, preferred by all tasters.


The word cognac derives its name from the locality in which it occurs, near Cognac: an old town of the southwestern part of France. It is made of a special type of grape wine and its manufacture is strictly controlled by the French Government. Only brandy made from certain types of grapes harvested legally within a limited area within the district of Charente, near Cognac, is eligible and authorized by law in the country to use the name of Cognac.

Like the whiskey and other beverages, it is usually a cognac mixture of different distillations.
It is aged in large oak barrels for periods ranging from two to sixty years and sometimes more.
There are dissimilar criteria for the appropriate time for the aging of cognac. Many believe that the cognac begins to deteriorate after twenty years. Others believe that the cognac is improved over time and even until after sixty years of aging.

The most famous of all cognacs is the «COURVOISER» which is provided in four types namely:



It is known worldwide as the standard type of Tres Estrellas.


Sleeker and smoother «The Four Letters» of all, always chosen by connoisseurs.


More stale. The favorite New York and Hollywood.


Treasure and glory of the distillery «COURVOISIER».