Beer comes from the fermentation of barley malt. Sometimes it is distilled from malted corn or rice. During the fermentation process it is also added hops. Beer contains from 2 to 6 percent alcohol.
After manufactured, beer stored may be a time to «mature» or age. The practice of leaving beer storage was developed in the seventeenth century when some monks discovered that beer they did better preserved during the summer, storing it in the cool mountain caves.
Beer is possibly the oldest drink that is known. The Babylonians and Egyptians oozed over six thousand years ago. Later it spread to the most remote countries. The Chinese, Japanese and English, also knew the secrets of brewing.


The beer should be stored in a cool place and away from sunlight, because they affect it, except of course the beer cans, which, however, should also be kept in a cool place, but either a form or another should not go into the refrigerator freezer or stored near this, because extremely cold temperatures make the beer take opaque or «nebulous» and affect its flavor.

How do you serve?

Serve at a temperature of about 42 degrees F., do not shake the beer bottle before opening and when appropriate to do so quickly uncover the opener, to prevent spillage. When pouring the glass, do it on the side of it, which will remain inclined to avoid excessive foam, and finally the glass straighten and beer to the center will be poured, to be covered with a thin layer of foam.
There are special glasses to serve beer, which should preferably be used. If possible, do not use glasses that have been used for milk, because any fat or filmy soap is the greatest enemy of beer. Wash the glasses with warm salt water, rinse with water from time just before serving beer.
Rub the inside thereof with a linen cloth to prevent any thread stay